Tailored Compliance Software

We help companies get to grips with complex processes

With regulation increasing across industry sectors the need for organisations to stay in control of growing complexity has never been greater. Avoiding fines, along with costly brand and reputational damage, has become a board level priority. Staying compliant means designing, implementing, monitoring and controlling complex multi-step processes that span teams, divisions and even organisations, requiring timely and accurate input from many people. At Maly we specialise in helping organisations design and streamline processes that keep you compliant. We build, implement and operate tailored software solutions that allow the co-ordination, monitoring and control of those processes ensuring no step is missed and the business is always ready to face any audit and remain compliant.

Our End to End Solution

  • Design efficient processes that ensure compliance with regulations, rules and standards
  • Simplify, streamline, consolidate and model existing processes
  • Create, implement and support software systems that monitor, control and drive processes
  • Support you as your solution evolves to meet growing regulation and complexity

The Okuda Platform

Our systems are built on a powerful, configurable platform called Okuda which enables us to rapidly build a bespoke, easy-to-use, secure solution for your business.

Our user interface lends itself to an efficient and clear workflow and there are multiple modules ready to be adapted and configured to your precise business needs.

“From the first day to now this has been an outstanding experience. I could not recommend them highly enough.”

Andrew Rooney
Product Lifecycle System Coordinator at Allergan