The Okuda Platform underpins all of our projects.

The Okuda technology platform is designed for creating, implementing, operating and monitoring regulatory compliance processes across organisational silos. Acting as a “compliance control room” it gives real time visibility of process progress enabling pro-active prevention of non-compliant incidents. The platform is supported by Maly experts who will work with you to design, deploy and operate your solution based on our platform.

Platform Overview

  • Simple code free interface for creation, implementation and update of processes.
  • Processes can span multiple individuals, teams, departments and even external partners and suppliers.
  • Quickly assign roles, responsibilities and tasks and ensure acceptance and monitor adherence.
  • Automate workflows and integrate with existing applications and systems.
    Every step, interaction and change is logged ensuring easy audit preparation.
  • Customisable dashboards report compliance status depending on organisational level and role.
  • Relevant metrics by geography, department, group or individual.

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