The Okuda Platform underpins all of our projects

With regulation increasing across industry sectors the need for organisations to stay in control of growing complexity has never been greater. Avoiding fines, along with costly brand and reputational damage, has become a board level priority. Staying compliant means designing, implementing, monitoring and controlling complex multi-step processes that span teams, divisions and even organisations, requiring timely and accurate input from many people. At Maly we specialise in helping organisations design and streamline processes that keep you compliant. We build, implement and operate tailored software solutions that allow the co-ordination, monitoring and control of those processes ensuring no step is missed and the business is always ready to face any audit.

Compliance Pain Points

  • Rapidly increasing regulation
  • Increasing fines, penalties and compensation
  • Growing burden of audits and investigations
  • Growing process complexity
  • Poor compliance culture
On average a new regulation is introduced globally every

7 minutes

Tough compliance questions...

The number of new regulations across all industry sectors is skyrocketing globally. Factors such as the pandemic, Brexit and GDPR are exacerbating the situation leaving companies drowning in a sea of compliance complexity and red tape. Creating, implementing, operating and monitoring complex compliance processes has become a major challenge for senior managers and compliance officers who are constantly wrestling with difficult questions…

How do we translate regulations into clear processes that can be easily implemented across a complex organisation?

  • How to we operate and monitor those processes and prevent non-compliance before it occurs?
  • How do we deal with the challenges introduced by new technology trends such as BYOD, Social Media, OTT applications and the data tsunami?
  • How should we keep track of policies, process, controls, roles and responsibilities and governance structures.
  • How do we deal with the deeper and broader scope of modern audits?
  • How do we keep senior managers and executives informed and engaged without overwhelming them with detail?

The Okuda Solution

Okuda Platform

The Okuda technology platform is designed for creating, implementing, operating and monitoring regulatory compliance processes across organisational silos. Acting as a “compliance control room” it gives real time visibility of process progress enabling pro-active prevention of non-compliant incidents. The platform is supported by the Maly experts who will work with you to design, deploy and operate your solution.

Okuda - the simplicity of one compliance control room for all compliance processes

Platform Overview

  • Simple code free interface for creation, implementation and update of processes
  • Processes can span multiple individuals, teams, departments and even external partners and suppliers.
  • Quickly assign roles, responsibilities and tasks and ensure acceptance and monitor adherence.
  • Automate workflows and integrate with existing applications and systems
  • Every step, interaction and change is logged ensuring easy audit preparation
  • Customisable dashboards report compliance status depending on organisational level and role.
  • Relevant metrics by geography, department, group or individual.