Labelling and Artworks Software Solution


The labelling and artworks department of this major multinational pharmaceutical company was having challenges in streamlining the process workflow. Projects were incorrectly prioritised, bottlenecks were created by other teams and operational output was below requirement. 


As the system involved interaction with many regulators for multiple projects it was critical that our analysis and solution were comprehensive. We started by mapping out their current workflows, worked with the client to identify the limiting factors and developed an understanding of regulatory pressure points.

We then built a cloud-based system that managed the entire workflow and most importantly enabled all stakeholders to access the appropriate information and be notified of their required actions.


As a direct result of our solution the Artworks Department saw a marked increase in their performance, internal accountability and stakeholder relationships. 

“What impressed me greatly was their aptitude in understanding business processes which then allowed them to provide solutions that work for the business. From the first day to now this has been an outstanding experience.” – Andrew Rooney, Product Lifecycle System Coordinator at Allergan

Labeling and Artworks Software Solution