Space East Welcomes Maly

Failure to follow processes or comply with regulations can be costly in any industry.  But in the
space sector the results of process failure can be catastrophic.  Failure in quality control processes have lead to significant mission failures such as the loss of the Mars Climate Orbiter mission in 1999 (failure to track and double-check all interconnected aspects of the mission) and the SpaceX CRS-7 mission failure in June 2015 (design component quality process error). Compliance failure can also be extraordinarily expensive such as the $10m fine given to Sea Launch (mobile maritime satellite launch) in 2008 for failure to comply with US technology
export control regulations. 

The space industry encompasses a wide range of complex processes and regulations spanning everything from spacecraft design and manufacturing, launch operations, mission planning and management, navigation and guidance, payload integration and testing, through to mission analysis and data processing.  Similarly companies wanting to conduct biomedical research, microgravity or earth observation science or advanced manufacturing in space need to follow often lengthy lab operating processes and procedures to ensure the validity of their data and outputs.

In the space industry the challenge is particularly acute where processes & regulations span collaborations across teams, organisations, geographies and time zones and encompass multiple different applications, systems and pieces of equipment.

Maly is a company that specialises in helping companies simplify, digitise, automate and controlcomplex industrial and compliance processes using their Okuda platform. Okuda is a
no-code tool that allows you to model and capture your process as a series of simple digital steps, ensuring each actor plays their part at the right time and in the right order and integrating easily across existing applications and systems where needed.  Every step, interaction and piece of data is captured allowing for interactive and highly customisable dashboards as well as rapid, detailed and accurate audits.  It does away with the need for overly complex and constantly out of date spreadsheets or expensive and difficult to work with project management tools.