Do you need a compliance control room?

Managing compliance and the associated complex processes can be painful. The number of regulations and guidelines across industries is growing exponentially. It’s estimated that a new regulation is created globally every 7 seconds. For those trying to keep their organisations on the straight and narrow it’s hard to keep track of who needs to do what and by when, especially when multiple individuals and teams are involved and when regulated processes span multiple business entities. Compliance officers and managers can find themselves fighting a losing battle with a large unwieldy spreadsheet that’s impossible to keep up to date.  Or worse still facing an audit or investigation with only partial data and a fragmented view of what might have gone wrong.

Okuda is a new compliance management solution from Maly – created from their deep insight and extensive experience of helping large corporates with highly regulated compliance processes in the pharmaceutical industry, where failure is simply not option. 

Acting as a “compliance control room” the Okuda application helps you model and create your complex processes, connect them to your employees and workflows and monitor process performance through highly customisable dashboards. Quickly assign roles, responsibilities and tasks and ensure acceptance and adherence. Potential non-compliance is flagged early, along with the route cause, so that it can be corrected quickly before there is any danger of a business impacting outcome. Workflows can be automated and integrate with existing applications and systems. Making changes and updates to processes is quick and easy and the Maly team provide close support through a discover, design, build, operate and evolve lifecycle. Every input and action is captured by the system to ensure that the organisation is always audit ready with the relevant data at their fingertips.

Okuda is super versatile and can be applied to any complex process for which it is vital mistakes are not made or steps missed. Industry use case examples include:

  • Pharmaceutical drug testing, packaging and labelling and managing research trials
  • Cosmetic product testing and labelling
  • Food production, ingredients, traceability and provenance
  • GDPR data management and data control processes
  • Financial services transaction monitoring
  • Employment and contractor onboarding
  • Brexit import and export regulations
  • COVID 19 regulations and guidance

If you or your organisation are struggling with a complex compliance process or an unwieldy spreadsheet that has taken on a life of its own we can help!