Getting Lab Compliance Right Every Time!

Ever wondered what it’s like to run a genomics lab? There are a lot of complex procedures and processes to follow when carrying out hundreds of daily tests and experiments to ensure sampling is done correctly and that data gathered is accurate. The stakes are high for lab managers! Get it wrong even once and it can lead to invalidated research, reputational damage, and loss of regulatory approval. In clinical scenarios the need for strict and comprehensive compliance with standard operating procedures (SOP’s) is even more acute – patient safety is the ultimate priority. So we’re very excited to announce the arrival of our DNA Sequencing Library Preparation proof of concept. Developed in partnership with PromoterX, we’re demonstrating how Lab SOP’s for genetic sampling can be digitised and deployed for all workers in a lab using out no-code Okuda platform for complex process management. This ensures consistent adherence with SOP’s, tracking of every test undertaken as well as lab level monitoring of compliance performance. The system can integrate with existing lab systems, applications and equipment and because every step and action is captured it allows for retrospective analysis and auditing to prove compliance to any regulator or standard body.

If you’d like to find out more about how our Library Preparation workflow could enhance your own Lab Management System and improve compliance send us a message and we’d live to setup a short demonstration. #Okuda

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