Moving beyond Word & Excel

Like many of the clients we work with, this particular organisation was using Microsoft Word and Excel to record and share data as part of one of their key processes. Typical challenges were resulting in a process that was inefficient and did not meet the requirements of the regulators: forms getting lost; poor version control and an inability to track changes were resulting in a process that was not efficient and did not meet the requirements of the regulators.

Using our workflow management platform, we were able to build a robust solution that recorded all the data that the client required in addition to; auditing activity, automating backups, restricting access to data for those that did not require it, and easily identifying bottlenecks with an intuitive dashboard for managers to access.

The departments using this solution have now scaled up to over 100 users which is something they could not possibly have done had they continued using their previous approach. We have continued a working relationship and are able to improve and adjust the system as and when their processes change and business needs emerge.

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