Paper, paper everywhere!

It’s amazing how many organisations still rely on manual and paper-based processes (or process steps) for crucial aspects of their business. Whether it’s a physical printed ticket, a paper-based bill or a requirement to fill in an application form or a paper-based record of interactions with a service user. Of course there is always a need to balance the desire to streamline, digitise and automate with ensuring everyone can adopt and access the new process.

Digitising a process involves transforming manual or analog processes into digital form. Identifying key steps, selecting appropriate technology, and using tools like software or automation to streamline and optimise the workflow. This can often enhance efficiency, accuracy, and accessibility of the process.

However it’s not always easy. Several challenges may arise when digitising a process, including:

1. Resistance to Change: Employees may resist adapting to new digital processes, affecting the transition.

2. Data Security Concerns: Digital processes can be vulnerable to data breaches, requiring robust security measures.

3. Integration Issues: Compatibility problems may arise when integrating new digital tools with existing systems.

4. Technical Glitches: Bugs, software errors, or system failures can disrupt the digitised process.

5. Cost Overruns: Unexpected expenses may occur during implementation, impacting the budget.

6. Lack of Training: Inadequate training can hinder staff from effectively using the new digital tools.

7. Incomplete Requirements: If initial analysis is insufficient, key aspects of the process may be overlooked.

Addressing these challenges through thorough planning, training, and continuous improvement efforts is crucial for successful digitisation. We work with our clients to help them through this difficult transition and our no code tool Okuda is specifically designed to support non-technical teams in monitoring and controlling their digitsed processes. If you’d like help in getting rid of that stubborn paper that is piling up around your business drop us a message!