Fines & Brand Reputation

📢 Scared of receiving fines and damage to your brand through non-compliance? See how Maly
can protect businesses like yours from danger…

🎯 We provide tailored compliance software, helping
companies keep up with the growing complexity of regulation

🎯 We specialise in designing and streamlining processes
that keep you compliant, helping you to avoid fines and keep your reputation

Pharmaceuticals giant AbbVie suffered from a disconnect between their
Artworks and Regulatory Authority departments. They were at significant risk of
incorrect, non-compliant labelling on packaging and subsequent fines and costly
damage to their brand and reputation.

🏆 We built AbbVie a new Artworks Programme Management
System that connected the siloed departments

🏆 Our solution introduced rigorous standards of system
and data security, ensuring less exposure to non-conformity during audit

🏆 We helped AbbVie to avoid heavy fines and brand
damage, and to revolutionise their process control

📢 We can do the
same for you – get in touch today!

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