ISO Compliance Management

An organisation working towards gaining ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification was experiencing significant challenges. They needed to establish processes to follow within the business, but also needed to track compliance with these processes and manage non-conformances effectively. They also needed the scope to integrate the HR needs of the company and asked for a piece of software that could grow with them as they expanded.

We built a new cloud-based system that included a document management and policy review system as well as the ability to design workflows that would populate the task lists of various individuals within the organisation. To futureproof the system we built it on a dependable platform using the latest technologies and with modularity in mind, enabling the client to add features and functionality as business needs emerge. Iterative design and development allow us to continue to improve workflow for all users and even automate common repetitive tasks to speed up and reduce bottlenecks within the process, all with the feedback of the systems users.

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