(Project Management)

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Pharmaceuticals giant AbbVie approached us to transform their project
management and performance reporting capabilities. With excellence and
expertise in tailored compliance software solutions, we built a suite of fully
integrated systems named ‘The Hub’. Within this sat the Workflow Management
System and Artworks Project Management System:

🎯 Accurate tracking and flagging of impending deadlines
and milestones

🎯 Management of timelines across previously siloed

🎯 Greater insight company-wide into key performance

🎯 Intuitive dashboards and easier access to business

AbbVie have since been able to solve many challenging project
management scenarios, from tracking progress with a shared electronic form
between highly regulated departments, to crucial temperature tracking software,
safeguarding the integrity of temperature-sensitive drugs.

We understood the challenges of a global pharmaceutical enterprise and
delivered impactful solutions in project management and business reporting.

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