Spreadsheets (Process Control)

📢 Utterly sick of using spreadsheets to manage your company’s processes? See how Maly can be the perfect solution for easy to control processes.

Pharmaceutical giant AbbVie approached us to audit their business processes. One core challenge was to resolve the disconnect between the Regulatory Authority and Artworks departments, which risked non-compliance. This is how we helped:

🎯 We understood the level of process control required for a global pharmaceutical enterprise, mapping all their systems and establishing clear objectives for each

🎯 We designed new, tailored software to ensure security, availability, accessibility, integration and compliance

🎯 We built ‘The Hub’,  a configurable suite of process control and management tools with easy-to-use, intuitive dashboards, connecting the siloed departments and increasing visibility and control over all processes

AbbVie, now equipped with a highly flexible and accessible process control Hub, have been able to streamline many manual, fragmented and iterative processes, saving both time and money. 🕓💸

📢 We can equally save you time, money and frustration. Get in touch today and let’s ditch that spreadsheet!

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