Finding the Perfect Fit: Bespoke vs. Customisable vs. Configurable Software

Software comes in all shapes and sizes, and choosing the right fit for your needs can be overwhelming. Three commonly mentioned options are bespoke, customisable, and configurable software, each offering a unique level of flexibility and control. Let’s delve into their differences to help you make an informed decision. Bespoke Software: The Tailor-Made Masterpiece Think …

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Paper, paper everywhere!

It’s amazing how many organisations still rely on manual and paper-based processes (or process steps) for crucial aspects of their business. Whether it’s a physical printed ticket, a paper-based bill or a requirement to fill in an application form or a paper-based record of interactions with a service user. Of course there is always a …

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Maly Tames Cerberus!

We’ve been rather busy over the last 12 months helping to develop, deploy and support a new digital platform called Cerberus for our client Insight-Regulatory! Cerberus is designed to help financial services companies manage the stringent governance requirements, senior management responsibilities and complex reporting processes associated with SMCR regulations – which for financial services companies, …

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How to sustain sustainability?

Back in September we had the privilege of running a stand at the first BT Sustainability Festival where we demonstrated how our Okuda tool can be used to monitor and control complex sustainability processes such as emissions tracking and ethical supply chain management! It was an awesome event that brought together many people and organisations …

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AI Loves a Good Process!

Did you see those Amazon humanoid robots? At Maly this got us thinking about ways AI can help make processes faster & more efficient across industries & domains Automation: AI can automate repetitive & time-consuming tasks, allowing employees to focus on more strategic & creative activities. For example, in manufacturing, AI-powered robots can automate assembly …

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Success at the BT Sustainability Festival!

After a great day of spreading the word about our tool, Okuda, we were exhausted! A brilliant event hosted at adastral park where we met countless new faces! #sustainabilityfest

Visit us tomorrow at the BT Sustainability Festival

Visit us tomorrow at the BT Sustainability Festival @adastralpark! We’ll be showing off our tool called Okuda which an automate, monitor and control complex processes about sustainable supply chains. Hope to see you there! #sustainabilityfest