How to sustain sustainability?

Back in September we had the privilege of running a stand at the first BT Sustainability Festival where we demonstrated how our Okuda tool can be used to monitor and control complex sustainability processes such as emissions tracking and ethical supply chain management! It was an awesome event that brought together many people and organisations …

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AI Loves a Good Process!

Did you see those Amazon humanoid robots? At Maly this got us thinking about ways AI can help make processes faster & more efficient across industries & domains Automation: AI can automate repetitive & time-consuming tasks, allowing employees to focus on more strategic & creative activities. For example, in manufacturing, AI-powered robots can automate assembly …

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Success at the BT Sustainability Festival!

After a great day of spreading the word about our tool, Okuda, we were exhausted! A brilliant event hosted at adastral park where we met countless new faces! #sustainabilityfest

Visit us tomorrow at the BT Sustainability Festival

Visit us tomorrow at the BT Sustainability Festival @adastralpark! We’ll be showing off our tool called Okuda which an automate, monitor and control complex processes about sustainable supply chains. Hope to see you there! #sustainabilityfest

BT Sustainability Festival

Maly are very excited to announce that we will be exhibiting at the BT Sustainability Festival @adastralpark on September 13th.  We’ll be showing how our No Code tool called Okuda ( for automating, monitoring and controlling complex processes can be used to manage sustainable supply chains and ensure compliance with ESG standards across your organisation.  …

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Unlocking Success: Key Elements of a Stellar Business Process

A well-designed and executed business process can be the driving force behind increased productivity, customer satisfaction, and overall profitability. But what are the key elements that contribute to a well-designed and executed business process? Clear Objectives and Goals: A well-defined business process begins with a clear understanding of its objectives and goals. It’s essential to …

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Are your export processes a bit fishy?

Are your export processes a bit fishy?Have you ever thought about what’s involved in exporting fish? Strangely enough neither had we. However we recently had the privilege of some very smart business school students from Edinburgh Napier University working with us on a project to look at the impact of Brexit on the UK fishing industry. In particular …

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What’s in a label

How often do you really look at a food label? Have a rummage in your kitchen cupboard, find a packet or tin and take a good long look.  They’re actually pretty complex things.  There’s an awful lot of quite detailed information conveyed on them and it’s laid out in a very precise way. That’s because …

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